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How I Boosted my Confidence in Just 5 Short Days

How I Boosted my Confidence in Just 5 Short Days

*WARNING: This posts contains absolutely no pictures whatsoever*

I personally glaze over when I see that a blog post contains no pictures, but hopefully you’re still here and willing to give me a shot and will continue reading, I promise it’s worth it!

Like most women I struggle with body confidence.  I will say that I have been working extra hard at self acceptance and love over the past 6 months and I am proud to say that I have made a lot of progress in this area and have grown to appreciate what I have to work with.  

This was not an overnight process and requires daily practice.  As with every journey there are bumps, hurdles, and bad days, but as long as you can dust yourself off and keep progressing you will experience growth.  

So first off let me share a few tidbits that I have been consistently practicing for the last 6 months and then I will share the 5 days that completely flipped the script for me and boosted my confidence into the stratosphere.  

1.  Unfollow every last social media account that makes you feel bad about yourself.

2.  Start following more body positive accounts, and more people that have your body type/size.

3.  Get rid of every clothing item that you are “waiting”  to loose enough weight to fit into.

4.  Stop beating yourself up when you skip a workout, enjoy an indulgent food or drink, or have a lazy don’t do much day.

5.  Embrace and start saying how much you love the aspects of yourself that you have criticized for years.

6.  Slowly start to wear the things that you have convinced yourself you just can’t possibly pull off, are afraid to be judged in, and or think you need a certain “body type” to pull off

*for this one I highly recommend starting off wearing these things around people that you know love and support you unconditionally and then work up to more public situations as your confidence increases.

OK so your probably asking so what was the pièce de résistance that skyrocketed your confidence in just 5 short days?

So Jason this past week had to go out to North Carolina for a week for some work stuff.  I teasingly tempted him as he walked out the door with the promise of some scandalous pics to be sent his way while he was gone.  Then reality set in and I realized I would have to make good on my word…

I have done a few boudoir shoots in my day, like way back in the day, like 20-40lbs back in the day… but other than out of the shower and in-between the sheets time I don’t make a habit of being in my birthday suit for much else.  

So armed with quite a few glasses of wine and my apple watch, I set out to become my own sexy photographer.

The first shot was a tasteful backside pic in some lacy boy shorts, (it is his favorite feature of mine after all). I took about 5-10 pictures and then chose the one I liked the best and fearfully tripled checked I was sending it to the right number and hit send.  

Now the beautiful part about this whole thing is that by the time I sent the pictures Jason was already asleep because of the 3 hr time difference.  So he had a fun surprise when he woke in the morning and I didn’t have to sweat about the response and or amount of time it took for him to respond.

His response was of course what every woman wants to hear about her body.  He sung my rumps praises and it made a girl feel good.  

With every positive affirmation that came my way about my scantly clad body I became more empowered with confidence and it encouraged me to take more off.  

By the end of that week I sent off my final pic to him fully nude (covering all the important bits).  It felt so freeing and relaxed.  

In that week I think I fully realized that at the end of the day I want to be attractive and sexy to my husband, and that’s really the only opinion besides my own that matters.  Also the more confident and free I am about my body and how I look the more sexy and attractive he finds me.

So ladies from one woman to another shed the clothes, find your light, and give em hell baby, trust me it’s worth it!

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