Weekly Recaps

Weekly Recap: Week 1

Weekly Recap: Week 1

This last week diverged a little from my normal routine.  Not that my normal routine is all that exciting….

Jason and I run a shipping company and we have one warehouse located here in North Idaho and then we also have an east coast location in North Carolina.  Everybody needs a day/week off and our east coast manager decided now was the time.  So Jason and his brother headed out to North Carolina to man the ship while she got some much needed R&R.

Which leaves your girl all by her lonesome…well with my son Xander of course as well.

The weekend for us was pretty chill as we didn’t have anything planned so we basically lived in our comfy clothes and caught up on all things social media and Netflix.

Monday our dog Emmie had an appointment to have her teeth cleaned so she was dropped off early and picked up late.  Other than loosing two teeth in the process she was no worse for wear, and upside, her breath doesn’t smell like death!

Tuesday was our busy day.  Xander started his first round of Physical Therapy for his broken elbow bright and early.  Then I was off to Spokane for my Lipiflow appointment, which I will fill you all in on another post.  Lastly Xander finally got to pick up his yearbook from school so we all lined up in our cars and the teachers delivered them personally to the students.

The rest of our week was pretty uneventful, I managed to watch an embarrassing amount of 90’s rom coms, drink plenty of wine, and keep the house from burning down.  

Don’t get me wrong time apart for any couple is critical for mental health stability and distance does make the heart grow fonder but it really is nice to have someone watch that trashy TV with you on the couch.  

Til next week! 

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