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Weekly Recap: Week 2

Weekly Recap: Week 2

Well folks another week down in good old 2020.  Thank goodness, Am I Right!!!

Xander started his second week of therapy for his arm, and he is progressing quite well.  So we have high hopes that his brace can come off soon, but we will have to wait for his appointment this week to see what the doc has in store for him.  Fingers crossed guy’s, cause a kids getting restless.  

I did get my week started off with my bi-weekly spray tan.  Let me tell you gals, if you need an instant pick me up, rev the sex kitten appeal…GET A SPRAY TAN.  Yes superficial I know but it really does boost my mood.  

Wednesday brought our weekly date night which we have been pretty good about keeping on the books.  I think it helps that I do the menu planning for the week, so lo and behold it ends up on the calendar every week…just saying.  We had dinner at our favorite Italian spot, Angelo’s.  The key to my heart really is red wine and cheesy carbs.

Jason’s little brother invited us out to his new house for a BBQ so we did that on Thursday.  Jason’s sister was visiting town from Portland so it was nice to get the family all together and catch up.  Plus it was nice to see Andrew all settled into his new digs, they grow up so fast.

Before I knew it we were at the weekend.  Our good friends parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary up at their campsite on the lake.  Our friend Rhys had apparently been talking up how much we love to cook, and what wonderful meals we create that his parents decided we were the ones to make dinner for them, and about 20 of their guests.  I was so impressed with Jason’s love, care and attention to detail throughout the whole process.  You could tell he didn’t want to let anyone down and he did an amazing job pulling off an exquisite dinner in the woods.  

Everyone loved the food and the special cocktails we came up with for the occasion, A Big AL Palmer. Fondly named after Rhy’s father AL, which is basically a boozy Arnold Palmer. Then the Sandaker Smash, a booze filled concoction( literally made with every type of liquor) in honor of the family name, finished off with a Swedish fish.  We were out at the lake after all.

It was a fun productive week, and as Fall looms closer and closer I am trying to take the time to slow down and enjoy these last weeks of summer and all they have to offer.

Until next week!

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