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What I Wore Weekly #2

What I Wore Weekly #2

With Jason’s birthday week in full swing it came as no surprise that Tuesday morning I woke up to an empty bed.  He really was going to golf every day for his birthday week and this morning he was up and on his way before I even opened my eyes.  I had a nail appointment and some grocery shopping to get done, but other than that, not too exciting of a day.


Jeans: Joe’s Jeans 

Hat: San Diego Hat Company

Jewelry: Lucky Brand  

Every Wednesday our downtown area puts on a Farmers Market in the summer.  I had been craving a really good BLT so we hopped on the motorcycle and headed down.  We picked up some really good tomatoes and then headed to an outdoor concert called Live after 5 to grab some drinks and dinner before heading home.  

Top: Madewell

Shorts: Hudson 

Earrings: Octavia and Co

Finally the big day arrived, Jason’s birthday.  He was up and at it living his best life out at the Coeur D’ Alene resort Golf course.  I met him out there for lunch and then he headed off to get a massage while I finished some other errands around town.  Later that evening we met some friends out at a restaurant in Liberty Lake to celebrate him in good food and cocktails. 

Top: Target 

Skirt: SHEIN


For the holiday weekend we had rented a house up in Sandpoint to celebrate the holiday and Jason and his friend Nolan’s birthday, which just happens to be 2 days after his.  Friday was a little rushed as we had to shop and pack for the weekend and get work done as well as take the warehouse cats to the vet.  By the time we reached our Airbnb I was ready for dinner and a strong drink.  We jumped on our friends boat and headed to a restaurant on the lake.  The service was really slow, so we didn’t start heading back to our spot on the lake until way after the sun had set.   Our friend was driving extremely slow and knows the lake very well.  Unfortunately a shore light had burnt out and before we knew what was happening we had beached our boat on a little marsh area.  Thankfully everyone was safe and we had enough cell service to call for help.  A couple boats came out to our rescue and we all went to bed that night with quite an adventure in our minds.  

Top: Target 

Shorts: STS Blue

Earrings: Lucky Brand 

The rest of our Labor Day weekend was filled with good friends, boating, sunshine, and laughter. The weather was great and remained incident free, thank goodness!  I didn’t take pictures of outfits after Friday because I was either in swimwear or comfortable athletic wear.

Monday morning we woke up to a crazy windstorm and the power out at the place we were staying.  So we packed up and headed home to recuperate and rest before we met the next busy week head on.

Until next week!

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